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Linkcity Corporate Website

Client: Linkcity


Property developers, Linkcity approached S/R to revamp their UK corporate website. The aim of the project was to refine and elevate their visual identity with a new interpretation of their global brand guidelines to create a modern, dynamic website to increase brand awareness and give them a sophisticated and forward thinking online presence.


The website aims to communicate and highlight the strengths and successes of Linkcity through spacious layouts that utilise high impact typography, to quickly communicate key messages. User experience on all devices has been improved through navigation and content hierarchy, with user reading experience a priority for page layouts.


A limited colour palette with a complimentary icon style was implemented across the site with touches of primary brand colours used to highlight key actions and content. Combined with impactful imagery and subtle HTML animations, the website has a professional and knowledgable feel with a simple yet engaging user experience.


Flexible content templates allow our client to further increase the volume of pages on their website with a wide variety of different content layouts. This ensures that the website caters to a wide range of content types and that interesting and engaging layouts can be produced in the future without further development required.

Web design

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