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Mees news website

Client: Mees


Mees is a subscription based provider of Middle Eastern Energy News, Analysis and Supporting Data and in 2016 they approached Surgery & Redcow to work with them on a website redesign. The ambition of the project was to create a fresh, modern site that better reflected the company’s reputation as a credible publication within the industry.

We began the process by conducting extensive research and analysis of publishers and data tools within the digital space. We then looked at the existing user journeys on the site and the potential areas for improvement and developed a series of concepts to support a more intuitive user experience. This allows users to quickly and effectively navigate and explore large quantities of content.

Striking a balance between sophistication and practicality, we successfully created a more visually engaging site with a key focus on symmetry. By incorporating some simple templates for data visualisation, we have enabled users to better identify and analyse relevant information and decipher often complex data sets more effectively.

Web design

Data visualisation

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