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Donor Resilience Index

Client: Overseas Development Institute (ODI)


The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is an independent global think tank, working for a sustainable and peaceful world in which every person thrives.

ODI commissioned Surgery & Redcow to bring to life a wide range of information they had gathered, called the Donor Resilience Index. The data looked at a wide range of governmental aid donors and analysed how well they were responding to emerging trends in the development landscape.

Through creating web-based, responsive interactive data visualisation platform, Surgery & Redcow produced a useable tool that could enable donors to change the weighting of defined disruptors to see how potential changes in their behaviour could affect their ranking.

This visualisation took two forms. First, an interactive 'peacock' chart that displayed an in-depth view of a certain year's rankings. The user is able to rollover various parts of the graphic in order to gain further information, as well as changing the weighting of various elements through a dropdown menu to achieve multiple results.

The second display looked at trends over a four-year period through an extensive bubble chart. Each bubble is clickable in order to display a further look at that donor's performance.

Web design

Data visualisation

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