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Recoded City: Co-creating Urban Futures

Client: Recoded City


Recoded City sheds light on a new epoch in the relationship between cities and civil society by presenting an emerging range of collaborative solutions and distributed governance models. The authors draw on their own fresh research of global pioneers forging localist design strategies, public-realm interventions and new stakeholder dynamics. As the world becomes increasingly digital ad virtual, a myriad of online tools and technological options is becoming available. these give unprecedented co-creation opportunities to communities and professionals alike, yielding the benefits of a more open – DIY – society.

Because of its close engagement with people, place and local identity, the field of participatory placemaking has huge untapped potential. Responding to the challenges of the Anthropocene era, Recoded City is for decision-makers, developers and practitioners working globally to make better and more liveable cities.

Editorial and content design​

Data visualisation

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14 Recoded Spreads
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